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Choosing Window Coverings

Window Blinds

Finding the right window coverings for your home makes all the difference for the decor, and for the practical aspects of living. The right window coverings allows light in and help keep the interior temperature more comfortable.
With a range on window blinds, curtains and fly screen mesh options we are spoilt for choice, so it can be a little difficult to decide. It helps to consider all the practical and aesthetic factors.

Type of Window and Door – If you have large double sliding doors then you will find large vericle or honeycomb blinds allow you to make use of the door space when needed. These blinds also work well for other large windows.
Cover Functionality – Do you need to block all light, and let all light through at other times? do you need privacy but still want some natural light? Choose a blind that allows these options. A translucent blind lets light in while giving you privacy, as will some light curtains. Venitian blinds can be adjusted to either block all light, or provide some light with privacy. Or they can be adjusted so the whole window is open.
Room Purpose – If you are putting blinds in the bathroom you will want privacy, and materials that withstand moisture. PVC and Aluminium blinds are good for this.
A home theatre room will need near 100% light blockage when the theatre is used. Choose blinds that prodive this, but that also suit the decor.
Cleaning – All window covering will need cleaning. Some curtains can be washed. Rollar blinds can be wiped down with relative ease. Venitan blinds need a dusting beween the slats, though vacuuming will remove most of the dust.
Budget – Blinds last for decades, so they are worth investing in. But you can save up to 70% by measuring and ordering the a blind online.

Blind Online

There are a wide variety of blinds availible online. Measure and order custom blinds for you home and save up to 70%.

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