Choosing Right Security Door

Choosing Right Security Door


Fly screen doors

We strongly recommend a good security door over a general fly screen mesh door. Security doors add much needed protection to your home, keeping out potential intruders as well as annoying insects.

A security door is a long term investment for your home, something that will last for decades. This is great for something that costs perhaps $500.oo

Recommendations for a security door:

  • Made in Australia. Security doors are something Australia does well. Overseas doors are sometimes cheaper, but the quality is nothing special. And repairs are difficult if the product is not locally made.

Australia’s local steel and natural resource industries are part of the reason why we produce high quality security windows and doors.

  • Strong fly screen mesh. Older style flyscreen doors may have had a reasonable frame, but the screen mesh was only light wire or plastic. This is not long lasting and when holes develop in mesh the insects can start to get inside. And of course light mesh will not help protect against intruders, though the strong frame might be enough.
  • All security doors should be certified to Australian Standards AS5041-2003. This means they cannot be jemmied open, and will pass fire and knife sheer tests. These doors are as good as they possibly can be.
  • Powder coated doors are recommended. These will provide protection against corrosion in almost any environment. They also provide a good choice of colours. Unlike paint, which does not adhere well to stainless steel or aluminium, the powder coating will last for many years.
  • Weld on hinges. These cannot be unscrewed by an intruder, and provide more than enough strength to support a heavy metal door.
  • Handles and locks than cannot be removed. The lock should be set inside the doorframe and not attached externally.

Some security doors do not include the lock, but provide the internal socket space for a good quality locking mechanism.

  • Choose a design that suits your home. Style will matter in the long term, so choose something that neatly fits in with the décor.
  • Custom security doors are a good option, and always a good indication of quality. But if you have a standard sized door then it is not hard to find a good quality security door that is suitable.

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