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How to Choose The Right Window Blinds?

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Choosing Window Blinds

Window and Door type

Every home is different, and often there are different windows and doors in different rooms. So the blinds will need to chosen to suit these different designs.

Do you have sliding doors? Then use blinds that can be moved to the side.

Do you have double hung windows? Then use blinds that can be retracted to the top of the window frame. This might be roller blinds or Venetian blinds.

Window Functionality

Do you want to let the light in and have privacy? Consider a honeycomb blinds. Or a Venetian blind with the slats tilted slightly upward. You might try frosted windows or a light curtain behind the blinds, so there is privacy and outside light even when the blind is opened.

Room Functionality

A bathroom required privacy, and will inevitably be exposed to a lot of moisture. So use blinds that are waterproof, like PVC or aluminium.

A home theatre? Use blinds that can completely block the light.

Room Style

The first consideration of decor is how all the elements of the room fit together. Do the blinds need to be the same colour as the room furnishings, or a complementary colour? Try light blinds in a dark room, or white blinds that seem to suit almost any decor.


Always a consideration, because we all have a limited budget. But by ordering blinds online we make a considerable saving. If you have the right measurements then we can find the right blind.

Blind Online

Blinds are functional and look great. Find the blinds that enhance the look of your home and order online.

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