Child Safety -Fly Screen Doors and Window Blinds

Most homes have young children running around for at least a few years of their existence. As everybody wants children to grow up without serious injury it helps to install safety features like reliable window blinds and security fly screen doors.

Internal Window Blinds

Blinds can be a safety issue for children. The cords once used for retracting older style window blinds were a choking hazard for youngsters. New designs either use a wand or electronic remote for retracting, or the cord is designed to break under the weight of the child.

External Window Blinds

External blinds should be designed to prevent children from climbing in or out of windows.

Fly Screen Mesh

Installing fly screen frames and mesh will help prevent children from falling out of windows. This is a rare but potentially serious accident. 

Older style wire and the material mesh were designed to keep insects out, and were only partially effective for deterring children; it lacked the strength to support a child’s weight so a child might force its way through the mesh screen. Modern fly screen mesh is far stronger and will prevent children from falling through the window.

Security Fly Screen Doors.

Though designed to keep intruders and potential thieves at bay a security door will also prevent a child from wandering outside.


Using safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases will prevent children from using the stairs and risking an accident.

Keep stairs clear of any toys and clutter. This prevents adults from tripping, especially important when they are carrying children.

A nightlight for improved visibility in the dark is a good idea. Small lights under the railings (fairy lights) are also very effective.

Blind Online

If you measure your windows you can find suitable window blinds online to suit and even enhance any décor.


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