Choosing Doors for Renovations

House renovations can change your life. The changes to your home are palpable. The effect this can have on you and your family can be profound.

Watching them work in progress can be exciting. But even just the planning can be thoroughly enjoyable. The agony of choice when it comes to all the possibilities is perhaps the only good agony in life.

The right doors are one critical decision. This is often underestimated.

Doors can:

  • Add to the space of a room. Double opening doors can join a room in a way that a single door cannot
  • Add to the décor. Put a different door there and the look of the room is effectually different.
  • Large Sliding Doors can open the back of the house onto a porch or backyard. This makes for a great summer entertainment space.
  • Double glazing on glass doors will save on energy bills.
  • Fly screen doors will keep insects out.
  • Glass, flyscreen, or other doors give a room a more open feel.
  • Flyscreen doors let air circulate, which makes for dirt cheap cooling in moderately hot weather. Close doors if you use air conditioning.
  • Security fly screen doors keep our intruders. They do this even as they let in light and allow air to circulate.
  • Consider what the doors can do for keeping children safe inside.
  • Doors and windows can allow a decent view outside.

Doors and Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

You do well to consider a fly Screen, Sydney weather and insects make these a good choice. Fly screen mesh allows the air to circulate while keeping insects at bay. Fly screen doors also offer excellent security protection against intruders when locked.

With all the modern design options there is an appropriate door design to suit your home décor.

Advantages of Fly Screen Window and Fly Screen Doors

Fly screens on windows and flyscreen doors have been an essential part of most Australian homes for generations. They are a simple yet effective way to deal with the combination of insects and hot weather. Modern window flyscreens work on the same effective principle as old-style screens, but their advanced design and materials mean they last longer and easily retract into a storage unit when not in use. Modern security doors have replaced older flyscreen doors, providing long-lasting security for modern homes.

  • Keeping our insects – The whole reason these screens were first designed. They work for flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes as well as ants and spiders.
  • Adding additional security – The strong screens are a major deterrent to intruders. A decent security door is comparable to a solid door, often with a better lock. And it will still allow air circulation in hot weather.
  • Keep children safe – Security doors can keep children inside while avoiding the ‘locked in the fortress’ feel of closed solid doors. Children can see the outside world through the security door, but still not venture outside without adult help.
  • Sense of space – Windows, mirrors, and flyscreens help a room and house feel open and more spacious.
  • You don’t lose the view.
  • Privacy and Screening – The mesh on security doors allows people inside to look outdoors without hindrance, but people outside cannot see in unless they are close enough to see themselves. It is hard to for somebody outside to spy from a distance.
  • Style – There are so many styles of screen doors available that there are always several great options to choose from.
  • Save energy for cooling– Because they allow air to circulate the security doors will keep a house cooler without having to resort to air conditioning, at least in some weather situations. They will also block some direct sunlight that might otherwise contribute to heating up the house.
  • Save energy on lighting. Flyscreen doors allow a moderate amount of natural light in, so most of the time you don’t have to use the electrical lights.
  • No environmental impact – you don’t have to use chemicals to get rid of insects. The screen is a barrier that prevents them from getting in.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Retractable flyscreens are easily stored in a cartridge above the window when not in use.

Fly Screen Doors Sydney

Security doors provide protection from intruders and insects. Modern security doors last for decades and there is always a style of door that suits you home.

Modern Window Blinds

Blinds are as old as windows. But modern Window blinds offer far more options than window coverings of the past.

Roller blinds are a classic way to cover windows. They can provide privacy and block light when needed, and then be retracted above the window when not needed. Best of all they can be made from fabric on vinyl of any colour, and suit any decor. They can even be produced with photorealistic designs.

Dual Roller Blinds give more options than traditional roller blinds. A layer of cloth next to the glass window allows light through while still maintaining privacy. The second blind layer can be used to block outside light.

Sk Screens & Blinds can customise your need for window blinds, contact us now for a free consultation!

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window blinds