Fly Screen Doors and Window Blinds

Fly Screen Doors, Window Blinds

Fly Screen Doors and Window Blinds

SK Screens and Blinds is a business based in Strathfield, Sydney. In order to satisfy our customers, we always try to give them the best of our services and offer them excellent products at the best prices possible. To us, our customers are the most valuable aspect of our business that is why we make sure that they are taken care of properly and are satisfied with our services and products.

We are not just salesmen, we have our own manufacturing system of Pleated Insect Screens, fly screen doors,
window blinds, Roller Blinds and Vertical Blinds and we assure you that it is more than adequate to cater to all your ‘screen and blinds’ needs. Accordingly, you just have to wait for a week or even less to have our high-quality product delivered in your house. Please call us now, we will visit your house to discuss with you about your needs as soon as possible.

Do you want to get rid of those annoying insects in your house?

If they buzz your ears constantly, persist to bite you or take up residence in your home, you probably don’t have peace in your house.

No worries!

We are here and ready to protect you from those pesky insects! Please call us and we will visit your house to consult you about your needs.

Fly Screen

Repair Screens

Repair Screens

Maintaining Retractable Fly Screens Sydney
Security screen doors are easy to open from the inside, but strongly secured against outside intruders. They let natural light in and allow the air to circulate. They also can be made to complement the décor of your home. These are reason enough to invest in a good fly screen door or retractable window screen.

Older Sliding Fly Screens Doors Sydney
Occasionally a sliding screen suffers damage or needs a little maintenance, though this is rare.
One occasional issue is a sliding door coming off its tracks. This may occur because the unlocked door receives a heavy impact. Obviously the door needs to be repositioned onto the tracks, but the tracks should be cleaned first. Then the door should be reinserted into the tracks at an angle. Align the tracks and the rollers on the door, then angle the opposite edge of the door away from the frame. At the correct angle the door should comfortably slot in.

In some cases the rollers of the sliding door will need to be adjusted. You can often raise the height with a screwdriver, and this can help put the rollers back on track. But remember to readjust the roller height after the door is working again. If the door height is wrong the security lock and latch may not correctly align, and the door will not lock.

Modern Doors and Retractable Fly Screens
Our modern design fly screen doors, which can be retracted by sliding or by pleated design, will not need adjustment under normal circumstances. The use of enclosed guide channels prevents any malfunction in the mechanism, so repairs will only be required in the event of a severe accident.

fly screen sydney

Things to consider when looking for fly screen mesh

Fly Screen Sydney

Why don’t we discuss the topic: fly screen Sydney? Fly Screens are manufactured to suit every type of screen door. I beg your pardon, you say? Yes, I’m actually referring to insect screens and fly screen doors; they will fit in sliding doors and hinged doors, too. All types of screens are made to prevent insects from an invasion of sorts; (I mean they prevent insects from invading our homes), direct sunlight that may damage items you care about, plus unwanted access in between areas in your home. They can provide more security as well, however, the good thing about it is that they will still allow natural sunlight to brighten your rooms.


There are many aspects you need to look into prior to choosing the right insect screen or mesh for a door or window for your home. You may need more info so you may get help concerning various types of fly screens available in the market. This way you can select the best one for your purposes.

fly screen mesh.

fly screen mesh

Fly Screen Mesh

Let’s talk about fly screen mesh shall we? They are made to suit every type of screen door. I beg your pardon, you say? I’m talking about insect screens and fly screen doors; they will suit sliding doors and hinged doors, too. All these type of screens aim to prevent insect from invasion (I mean they prevent insects from invading our homes), direct sunlight that may damage your properties, plus unwanted access in between areas in your house; they provide more security as well, but will still allow natural sunlight to brighten your rooms.


There are some aspects you need to take into consideration before picking the right insect screen or mesh for a door or window screens for your home. This content will help you learn more and understand the various types of fly screens available in the market so you can select the best one.

Insect screens are a great solution if you’re worried of insects getting into your home. But, these types of screens won’t add any security to your home.
Here are some things you must consider prior to buying insect screens or fly screen mesh.

Hope you learned something here about fly screen mesh.

Screen Mesh Security Doors Sydney

Advantages of Fly Screen Security Doors

Fly Screen security doors Advantages

  • Security – Probably the whole reason for purchasing a security door. The door is your first line of defence against intruders. Anybody intending to break into the house will try the door first, followed by the window. A metal security door is as strong as any front door can be, being considerably better than a standard wooden door.

Security doors are designed so that the hinges and joints cannot be accessed while the door is closed. There is no way to remove the door, and no easy way to cut through it, not without creating a lot of attention.

Security doors lock at several points, which is another way they remain unmovable.

  • Privacy – the heavy mesh on a security door acts like a two way mirror. It is easy to get a reasonable view outside, but outsiders find it difficult to see inside unless they are very close.
  • Remove insects. This is the original point of flyscreen doors, and security doors have not neglected this original fundamental purpose. Even the smallest flying insects will not get through steel mesh. And if the door has a rubber flap across the base then even ants cannot get through.
  • Natural light. By keeping the security door in place you can let natural daylight in, saving money on internal light which uses electrical power.
  • Allow the breeze through home. On a moderate day the breeze can keep the home cool. On a very hot day the door is closed so the air conditioner can be used.
  • Style. With the range of available security doors there will be one to suit your home.

Security fly screen frame Door

Have peace of mind with a fly screen security door on your home. Back doors and other entrances will also benefit from a security door.


Window Blinds

Window Blinds – Coherence or Uniformity

Window Blinds – Coherence or Uniformity

Our minds like the elements or anything they see to form some kind of order or pattern. They don’t like complete randomness, but neither do they like any pattern that is too simple. Plain white and simple shapes quickly become sterile, and we find our attention quickly drifts from this type of look. When decorating we need coherence, the elements must fit together. But we must avoid the type of simplicity that feels bland.

Woodgrain is a good example of something that people find appealing. The wavy lines form a loose pattern. It is not completely random, but it is not as simple and sterile as parallel lines. Woodgrain, or patterns in stonework, or leather, are organic and feel earthy. This makes a good basis for furnishings.

A room that is plain is appearance, all light surfaces, may benefit from some complexity to add some earthy warmth. At the very least some darker colour blinds/curtains will make a big difference here. Some woodgrain, stone or patterned fabrics will quickly rid the room of the bland atmosphere.

Alternatively, if we have a room that already has a lot of complex surfaces, like woodgrain or stone, we might like to use neat, plain blinds. Too much detail feels crowded and messy. But contrasting moderate detail with open surfaces, contrasting darker areas with light areas, help to make give a room some coherence within the contrast.

Décor blind Online
We install Window blinds for functionality, blocking or allowing light according to the weather, allowing privacy when we need it. But the right blinds can enhance the look of any room. Find timber blinds to add an organic feel to a room, or aluminium blinds to keep things neat and neutral. Make blinds an important, if subtle, part of your home décor.

Verticle Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical window blinds are another great option, allowing indoor privacy and providing the ability to block all outdoor light. They can also be drawn back into a very small space. Best of all, vertical window blinds are less expensive than most other blinds, while still providing all the same advantages.
As the name suggests a vertical blind uses the vertical length of material. This material is usually cloth, but hard PVC or facsimile timber is also popular. The vertical lengths of material are drawn to one side when the blinds are opened. The open blinds are only as wide as the width of one length of the blind material, which means they are very compact.
With large sliding doors vertical blinds are by far the most popular option. When open they do not interfere with the doors at all.

Advantages of  Vertical Window blinds

  • Fairly low cost for materials and installation
  • They are simple and easy to operate, with very few maintenance issues.
  • The vertical surface collect far less dust than other blinds. So cleaning is infrequent and quite simple.
  • They take up little space when drawn open.
  • Blind materials can be cloth, PVC, metal, or facsimile wood
  • They provide complete light blockage when necessary.
  • They provide decent privacy when closed
  • There is little to no problems with getting caught on the blind or choking, especially if there is no cord involved.
  • They are the best option for sliding doors, as they can be drawn to not get in the way.
  • There is a decent barrier against insects, even with open windows and no flyscreens.
  • They provide reasonably good insulation for the home when you want to keep the room warm.
  • They can be electronically controlled, or be opened with a rod or drawstring.

Blind Online

You will need to know the exact window or sliding door size before ordering vertical blinds. But you can find the right style of vertical window blinds by browsing online. Once you have the right style and size requirement the installation is fairly straightforward.

Unusual blinds

Unusual Windows Blinds

Unusual Windows Blinds

Some homes and other buildings include a window of unorthodox shape. We have windows over bathroom facilities, in attic apartments, or for second-story balconies. These may well be attractive and functional in the right situation, but finding the right window blinds can be a challenge.
Custom blinds will sort out any window situation. But we should know what we want for the windows first.

Bay windows

There are triple windows used on balconies. There are three glass sections, with the two side sections angels towards the (usually larger) front section. They allow a lot of light in the window and have an old-school appearance.
It is usually possible to cover bay windows with three venation blinds if there is enough room. Or you can use three roller blinds. When either of these types of blinds are closed they will be virtually unnoticeable.
Curtains can work if the sides of the bay windows are too small for blinds. You can even combine side curtains with a central blind of the same colour.

Short Windows

Some rooms have short windows at a high level. These are common in bathrooms, where we want light and air circulation but no external visibility.
Venetian blinds work well on short windows. Or you can use small curtains.
And there is no rule to say that the blinds cannot be large than the windows that they cover.

Tall Windows

Tall windows look elegant in the right setting. But it can be tricky to get curtains or blinds in such large sizes. Furthermore, if we cannot reach the top of the window then we need some way to open the coverings. This can simply be a cord, or perhaps a remote.
One trick is to have separate curtains for the top and bottom of the tall windows. We can open the top section to let in light while keeping the bottom section closed for privacy.
Or we might just have long blinds drawn by a cord.

Window Blinds Online

If you know the dimensions of the window blinds then finding the right window blinds online is reasonably simple. Good blinds are functional and will improve the look of the room.



Locks Fly Screen Doors

Locks Fly Screen Doors

Fly Security Doors

Any decent fly screen frame will have a locking system. There are two main types of locking systems today. Both of which are stronger than the types of systems used on older doors and fly screens.

Single Lock

These have a single lock that controls a single latch in the middle of the side edge of the door. This single-point lock is a fairly reliable method for most situations. It is also fine for a smaller door that is not flexible. But tall doors or doors made of flexible materials can sometimes be levered and forced open from the top or bottom if they are only a single lock/single latch. Single locks are fine for hard wooden doors. They were also common on older flyscreen doors that did not provide security. The main door was used to keep the building safely locked.

Triple Lock

This uses a single lock to operate three connected latches. The tree latches are located at the top, middle, and bottom edge of the door.
The advantage of a triple lock is added security. It is extremely difficult to prise this type of door open.
A triple lock cannot easily be installed in a wooden door, but it can be built into a metal security door. This makes the security door far better at keeping out intruders than almost any other home door Triple locked security doors allow the homes to be very securely locked whilst allowing visibility outside when the solid door is open. They also allow the air to circulate. Of course, a security door with triple locking should also have strong fly screen mesh or very little space between its metal fittings.

Security Fly Screen Sydney

Modern fly screen doors can provide greatly improved security for your home. And there is no need to compromise décor because with the wide range of available security doors there will always be an appropriate option for your home.

Locks Fly Screen Doors

Locks Fly Screen Doors

Window Covering Comparison

Window Covering Comparison

There are several different ways to cover windows, both externally and internally. Each method has its advantages. But there is no rule that limits us to one method, so we can combine coverings to achieve our goals. This is all the better if one or more of the window coverings is retractable.

Plantation Shutters

These are an old style of shutter. They consist of swinging doors with adjustable horizontal slats. The swinging doors allow the whole window to be opened. Or you can close the door and let the air and light enter through the slats. They can be fitted internally or externally. They provide privacy for that inside. They are ideal for large windows and balconies.

Fly Screen Doors

These allow light and air in the front or back entrance while keeping the insects out. Security doors also provide very good protection from intruders. They are ideal for summer heat, letting the air circulate while keeping insects outside.

Fly Screen Mesh

These allow air and light in the window while keeping insects out. Some heavy mesh also provides protection from intruders. And can prevent infants from falling through windows. They are ideal for summer heat, letting the air circulate while keeping insects outside.

Retractable Fly Screens

All the advantages of light mesh, but they can be packed away during the seasons where insects are not a problem.

Window Blinds

These block light and provide privacy for those inside the home. Translucent blinds can also let in light if that is what the homeowners prefer, while still providing reasonable privacy.
Blinds will not deter insects, though insects still can be kept out if the window is closed.

Window Covering Comparison

Window Covering Comparison

You can easily order a blind online. Custom blinds provide the functionality you need with the style that suits your décor.

Patio Considerations and Retractable Fly Screens

Patio Considerations

Outdoor patios can combine the best in outdoor and indoor living, but we need to design them well. A good patio will make use of natural light and the outside air, but it will need to keep insects out. It will also need to have some protection against potential thieves, though this can either be the retractable fly screen around the patio itself or the door that serves as the entrance to the main house.

Plan the patio and screens

Plan the design of your patio and its surrounding screens in advance. If you are planning the house from scratch then there is an advantage in having a roughly north-facing patio- this will get the best sunlight during summer.
The patio may have a retractable set of screens around the edges or a fixed screen with just a single door. Modern retractable screens are designed to be fairly secure, with strong frames and locks. Else, some people feel there is little to protect in this outdoor area, so they choose to only install light screens.
Consider a transparent room material if you want natural sunlight. Polycarbonate roofs let light in, and they can be tinted. Glass or mesh walls also let in the light.
A strong lockable entrance to the main house is essential.

Right Materials

Strong fly screen frames keep out insects and intruders. They are a sound investment. Shop around to find the style that matches your home décor.
Security fly screen doors should be installed either on the house entrance or the entrance to the patio. There are many options. As long as any security door and general décor suit each other there should be no problem.

Retractable Fly screens Sydney

Patios are ideal for retractable fly screens. The different available styles might inspire a few good design ideas. Look at all the options before deciding.


Retractable Fly Screens

Patios And Retractable Fly Screens

Choosing Right Security Door

Choosing Right Security Door


Fly screen doors

We strongly recommend a good security door over a general fly screen mesh door. Security doors add much needed protection to your home, keeping out potential intruders as well as annoying insects.

A security door is a long term investment for your home, something that will last for decades. This is great for something that costs perhaps $500.oo

Recommendations for a security door:

  • Made in Australia. Security doors are something Australia does well. Overseas doors are sometimes cheaper, but the quality is nothing special. And repairs are difficult if the product is not locally made.

Australia’s local steel and natural resource industries are part of the reason why we produce high quality security windows and doors.

  • Strong fly screen mesh. Older style flyscreen doors may have had a reasonable frame, but the screen mesh was only light wire or plastic. This is not long lasting and when holes develop in mesh the insects can start to get inside. And of course light mesh will not help protect against intruders, though the strong frame might be enough.
  • All security doors should be certified to Australian Standards AS5041-2003. This means they cannot be jemmied open, and will pass fire and knife sheer tests. These doors are as good as they possibly can be.
  • Powder coated doors are recommended. These will provide protection against corrosion in almost any environment. They also provide a good choice of colours. Unlike paint, which does not adhere well to stainless steel or aluminium, the powder coating will last for many years.
  • Weld on hinges. These cannot be unscrewed by an intruder, and provide more than enough strength to support a heavy metal door.
  • Handles and locks than cannot be removed. The lock should be set inside the doorframe and not attached externally.

Some security doors do not include the lock, but provide the internal socket space for a good quality locking mechanism.

  • Choose a design that suits your home. Style will matter in the long term, so choose something that neatly fits in with the décor.
  • Custom security doors are a good option, and always a good indication of quality. But if you have a standard sized door then it is not hard to find a good quality security door that is suitable.