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How Do You Install Window Blinds?

Window Blinds

There is perhaps no perfect way to prevent harsh Sunlight coming through the windows during the Summer months. And this can leave us with too much heat and light in our home. Alternately, we might want some of this warmth and heat in the colder parts of the year. A good way to control the amount of heat and light coming inside is with window blinds, perhaps augmented with some protective filter film.

Window Blind Insulation

An internal blind will leave a layer of air between the window glass and the blind. This provides significant insulation, reducing the heat coming into the room during Summer, and preventing heat loss during Winter.

Blinds will reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning in Summer and Winter, keeping the room temperature stable. And the blind can be retracted if the weather is moderate, allowing light in.

Transparent film on the glass will also reduce heat entering the room during Summer, but film is semi-permanent, and cannot be retraced like a blind.

Window Blind Installation

– Measure the windows. Windows come in different sizes, so the blinds must be custom-made to fit the window space. Some windows do correspond to the standard 1800mm by 1200mm, and there are pre-made blinds for this size, but we must measure to be certain.
– Decide if the blinds should fit within the window frame, just covering the glass, or if they should cover both the frame and glass. A blind within the frame takes a little less space, and will not protrude as much into the room.
– Blinds within the window frame will usually need their brackets mounted 20mm form the front edge of the window frame. They are mounted near the top of the frame.
– Lay out the blind mechanism, and the 2 ends into the brackets.
– The chains to control the blinds should hang down the side of the blind. Make these chains as short as possible, while still letting them fully retract the blind. They should be short so that children cannot reach them. Chains are made to break (perhaps by adding a tension device) so they cannot choke a child who might get caught in them.

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screen mesh is simple yet effective way to keep insects out while sill allowing air to circulate. Consider these with your blinds is you have an insect problem.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are practical and attractive. Keep light and heat under your control, and add to the room decor with some good quality blinds.

Window blinds blind online Fly Screen Mesh

Why Window Blinds Work So Well

Window Blinds

Window blinds complement windows both in a functional and aesthetic manner. Functionally they can be used to block out the Sunlight when it is too bright, and provide privacy. Aesthetically there is always a type of blind to suit the decor of a room and make it look better, or at least fit in with what is already there. In some cases people like the blinds, and alter the room decor accordingly.

Different Types of Window Blinds

There are various types of window blind made from various different materials. These include Polyester, aluminium, timber and PVC. Often these materials are inexpensive, so good quality, long-lasting blinds can be quite cost effective.

Blinds also come in different designs:
– Vertical Blinds
– Horizontal Blinds
– Venetian Blinds (vertical)
– Roman Blinds
– Roller Blinds
– Pleated Blinds
– Plantation Shutters (internal on external)
– Exterior Window Blinds

Blinds can be combined with Fly Screen mesh and window tinting to provide protection against the Sun’s UV light and Infrared heat. Sometimes they are also combined with light translucent curtains which allow light in while providing privacy.

Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screen mesh is the simple yet effective way to keep insects out of the home. The mesh lets almost all the light in, allowing visibility when required, while hardly taking up any space or interfering with aesthetic of function of the window. They also allow air circulation when the window is open, so we can enjoy the Summer breeze.

Fly screens can be removable, retractable or permanently fixed in position.

Window Blinds

A window blind is the finishing touch to any window. Have Sunshine or privacy as you choose, and complement the decor.

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Choosing Window Coverings

Window Blinds

Finding the right window coverings for your home makes all the difference for the decor, and for the practical aspects of living. The right window coverings allows light in and help keep the interior temperature more comfortable.
With a range on window blinds, curtains and fly screen mesh options we are spoilt for choice, so it can be a little difficult to decide. It helps to consider all the practical and aesthetic factors.

Type of Window and Door – If you have large double sliding doors then you will find large vericle or honeycomb blinds allow you to make use of the door space when needed. These blinds also work well for other large windows.
Cover Functionality – Do you need to block all light, and let all light through at other times? do you need privacy but still want some natural light? Choose a blind that allows these options. A translucent blind lets light in while giving you privacy, as will some light curtains. Venitian blinds can be adjusted to either block all light, or provide some light with privacy. Or they can be adjusted so the whole window is open.
Room Purpose – If you are putting blinds in the bathroom you will want privacy, and materials that withstand moisture. PVC and Aluminium blinds are good for this.
A home theatre room will need near 100% light blockage when the theatre is used. Choose blinds that prodive this, but that also suit the decor.
Cleaning – All window covering will need cleaning. Some curtains can be washed. Rollar blinds can be wiped down with relative ease. Venitan blinds need a dusting beween the slats, though vacuuming will remove most of the dust.
Budget – Blinds last for decades, so they are worth investing in. But you can save up to 70% by measuring and ordering the a blind online.

Blind Online

There are a wide variety of blinds availible online. Measure and order custom blinds for you home and save up to 70%.

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Modern Window Coverings

Whether renovating, building a new home, or just adding a few updates, it doesn’t have to be difficult to provide window coverings. There are many options, including blinds, curtains, fly screens and shutters. These are practical as well as decorative.

Venetian Window Blinds

These are a classic design that have been popular for many generations. The horizontal slats of Venetian blinds can be tilted to block light and provide privacy. Or left open to let the outside light inside. They also allow easy air circulation.
Venetian blinds can be made of aluminium, timber or synthetic materials.

Roller Blind

These are popular in Australia, due to their ease of use and unobtrusive design. Roller blinds fit on almost any flat window, and can also work for bay windows and other unconventional designs.
Window blinds can use a variety of different materials. This includes fabrics that let light through while still providing privacy. Or heavier materials that block all light.
Blinds can be controlled by simple chains or mechanical mechanisms, or use electric motor with a remote control.

Fly Screen Sydney

Blinds will block the light when required, while still allowing air to circulate. But we need fly screen mesh if we want to keep the insects out of the house.
Fly screen mesh is often left permanently on the windows, where it quietly does its job without being obtrusive. But it is also possible to have retractable or removable fly screens in the home, which need only be used in the summer season.

Blind Online

Blinds and window coverings are often quite simple, covering a flat window. So they can be ordered online, as long as we have the right measurements for the window.

window blinds blind online

Can Blinds Help With Noise?

Window Blinds

A lesser known aspect of blinds and curtains is noise reduction. By covering the windows with blinds we can reduce noise in at least two ways. Though we need to make sure the rest of the room is also set up to reduce noise as well.
There are two noise issues in any room. There is the noise that bounces around the room, especially noticeable if the walls and floor are bare hard wood. And there is the noise that gets into the room from outside. Blinds can help with both of these situations. It can also help prevent noise escaping the room, to at least a small extent.

Interior Noise
If a room has a lot of hard bare surfaces, like the glass in a window, then any sound in the room will bounce around and feel both loud and slightly harsh. If we cover these surfaces we deaden the sound, so the room feels slightly quieter and warmer sounding. But adding blinds to windows will only dampen sound if the rest of the room has some carpet and soft furnishings. The window is only part of the surface area of the room.

Exterior Noise
From time to time we may hear local traffic, or the neighbor mowing the lawn. We can reduce this noise a little by closing the windows and covering them heavy curtains or blinds. The best combination for less noise is two layers, one of soft material and one of rigid material, like plantations shutters. External shutters and internal curtains are a good option here.
Make sure thee are no opening to let the noise in, otherwise the blinds and curtains will be to no avail.

Blind Online

Blinds are so simple yet so effective. Choose to block sunlight or let it in, provide privacy, and keep things a little quieter with quality blinds.

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Window Blind Basics

The Basics of Window Blinds

Quite simply, blinds are window coverings. They can be used for practical purposes, providing privacy and blocking sunlight. And they can be used for decorative effect. Many home owners put a considerable time and effort into choosing the right style of blind to complement the decorative appearance of their rooms.

Window blinds are made to be opened and closed with ease. Their operating mechanism can be manually controlled by a cord or rod. Or the blind may have an electronic motor control. Remote electronic controls are convenient if you wish to close the blinds while you stay in bed.

Keeping the temperature comfortable inside

Covering the window is simple with blinds. and it allows us to keep out much of that heat during bright sunny days. So we can keep the air conditioning to a minimum, and save money. On moderately warm days we can even keep the windows open while the blinds are shut, keeping the air circulating while keeping the light and heat out.
During winter months the blinds provide that extra layer of insulation, so we don’t have cold glass window surfaces taking heat out of the room. This helps reduce heating/air conditioning costs.

Material Concerns

Blinds can be made from various different materials. This includes Polyester, aluminium, timber and PVC. OFten these materials are inexpensive, so good quality, long lasting blinds are moderate in cost.
blinds also come in different designs:
– Vertical Blinds
– Horizontal Blinds
– Venetian Blinds (vertical)
– Roman Blinds
– Roller Blinds
– Pleated Blinds
– Plantation Shutters (internal on external)
– Exterior Window Blinds

Blinds can be combined with window tinting to provide protection against the Sun’s UV light and Infrared heat. Sometimes they are also combined with light translucent curtains which allow light in while providing privacy.

Window Blinds

Consider window blinds for any room in the house. There is always a style of blind to complement any home decor.

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Reasons to Install Home Insect Screens

We want our homes to be comfortable and practical. This means being cool in summer, free of insects, and wihtout complicated devices or accessories. Hopefully we can achieve this without harming the environment.

Fly Screen Frame

Insect screens on fly screen doors, fly screen mesh on windows means circulating air in the home without having to worry about insects. Circulating air is know to benefit our health, and keep the home free from airborne chemicals. Fly screen mesh achieves this without using any electrical power (though we can add a fan if we wish). it has no downside in moderate weather.
We save on our home by using fly screens mesh covering for doors and windows. In spring and early summer we can keep the home acceptably cool without effort. This won’t work in really hot weather, when we need to close the windows to use the air conditioning. But if we can just open the windows for 2 month of the year we still enjoy an advantage.

Window Blinds

Window blinds can help keep the home cool by preventing heat getting in through the windows. covering the window glass with UV/infrared film also help here. But just the act of drawing blinds for the whole day helps keep temperatures stable during the day, so the air conditioner need not work as hard. So we save some electricity and power. This also works in winter, helping to keep the room warm and saving on heating bills.
Good quality blinds and fly screen mesh will increase the value of the home. This is especially true of Semi-outdoor living areas with fly screen mesh. It allows a home to have a sheltered outdoor area for the residents to enjoy, free from insects, and despite the heat outside.

Fly Screen Mesh and Blind Online

It is easy to get great looking blinds and fly screens for your home. All you need is accurate dimensions for your doors and windows. Order the right blinds and mesh online.

Window Blinds blind online

What to do with Kitchen Window Blinds?

Kitchen Window Blinds

We spend more time in the kitchen that we realize. We notice this more if the kitchen looks drab. So it makes sense to decorate the kitchen is an appropriate and attractive way.
Kitchens, more than most other rooms, combine practicality with an attractive appearance. Many rooms are made to look good, but the kitchen has to store foodstuff, have different cooking areas, hold many appliances, and hopefully look good too. Yet there is not reason why any of these aspects need compromise the others.
Window blinds are part of many kitchens. The kitchen area needs good lighting, and it helps to have natural lighting from outside to save on power bills. At the same time we occasionally need to block out bright outdoor sunshine, or need some privacy. Window blinds allow light or privacy as we require them.

Some Ideas for Kitchen Window Blinds

Some kitchens are plain white or cream. This looks neat and clean, but it can also look sterile. A colourful window blind can be enough to brighten up a kitchen. It might be patterned, or a simple bold colour. If we also add a floor rug and a few other furnishings of the same colour as the blinds then the kitchen can look very stylish, without any compromise to the functionality or neat appearance.
If the kitchen is already colourful we might decide that plain blinds look best. Many blinds are plain white or creme because this hardly alters the appearance of most rooms; white goes with almost anything else.

Keeping Window Blinds Clean

The kitchen blinds are often above the sink, or some other area where they tend to get splashed with water or cooking liquids. So we want a window blind material that easy to clean and resistant to staining. So cloth blinds are probably a bad idea. Plastic or treated timber blinds are a good option; these wipe down quite easily.
Retractable roller blinds work well in kitchen. These are usually made of easy-to-clean vinyl, which we just need to wipe down. They can also be retracted when we do the cooking or washing up, so they need not get dirty.
Venetian blinds are also good for kitchens. They wipe down easily, and can be retracted when we work in the kitchen to avoid spills.
While cloth window blinds or curtain may get stained when we use the kitchen they can be easy to clean in the washing machine.

Window Blinds

Blinds are simple and effective. Consider some blinds in the kitchen, something easy to clean yet capable of providing privacy and light as we require.

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Why Blinds Are A Great Investment

Window Blinds

When first buying a home we may not initially think of blinds, or fly screens. But well made blinds will make a significant difference to the appearance of the rooms, inside and from the outside. They are especially great if matched to the decor.
Of course blinds were designed foremost for function, the style is almost a bonus. They can provide privacy at any time, block outside light during the day, and help keep the rooms warm when using internal heating.
If you didn’t think of blinds when you first looked at a new house, no matter. It is easy to add great blinds to almost any room.

Window Blinds vs Curtains

Curtains are fine for some rooms, but they are not as versatile as blinds. We can use curtains to block sunlight, with heavy curtains blocking all the light and thin curtains blocking most of the light. And they will also create privacy for those inside. But this tends to be an either or situation. Blinds, on the other hand, can allow light in while giving privacy, or block all the light. We can change as we need.
Some decors combine light curtains and blinds. As long as the two elements work together there should be no problem with this.

Window Blinds vs Fly sScreens

We recommend having fly screens as well as blinds, at least if the area has insects. the blinds and fly screen mesh perform different functions. But they shouldn’t really interfere with each-other. In fact, they complement each-other quite well.

Blind Online

It is a simple matter to custom make window blinds and retractable fly screens for any window. Order the blinds you like online.

Fly Screen Sydney Fly Screen Doors Fly Screen mesh Fly Screen frame

What do Fly Screen Mesh Accessories Do?

Fly screens will add a lot of benefits to your home, though we may also need glass windows and other fittings if we want other benefits. Fly Screens will not usually interfere with the benefits of the other accessories

Fly Screen Mesh

– This screen mesh keeps insects out.
– Strong mesh will also keep potential thieves out, even if the rest of the window is left open.
– Strong mesh can provide a fair amount of safety against children or the elderly falling out the window.
– Mesh allows air to circulate through the window, which is good in moderately hot and humid weather.
– Mesh allows light in without having to close the windows.
– Fly Screen Mesh will not protect against UV rays that cause sunburn. But this is easy to fix with some UV filters for the glass, or just some window blinds.
– Mesh will not be useful is we have an air conditioner or heater inside. The windows will need to be closes

Fly Screen Doors

– Fly Screen Doors allow us to lock the home while still allowing air to circulate. If we have a security fly screen door then we can keep potential thieves out.
– Mesh allows light in without having to close the main door.
We can see how is at the screen door without having to open it. If the door is locked it is easy to refuse entry.

Fly Screen Frame

– Retractable fly screens can be open or removed with no effort.
– It is a simple matter to manufacture fly screen frames for almost any window, or to resign retractable screens that do not interfere with the main window at all

Fly Screen Sydney

Fly Screen doors and retractable fly screen frames for windows provide protection against insects and thieves. They look great too.

Window Blinds

What Is Quality in Screens and Window Blinds?

What Is Quality in Screens and Window Blinds?

Window Blinds

One of the first things we hear about when discussing about any product is quality. But what exactly does this mean? Most of us probably have a good general sense of what this means, but would be unable to give a concise definition. Does it mean longer lasting, reliable, more attractive, easier to use, made of a rare material, designed by a famous, reputable name? And how do we know about things like reliability in advance? Perhaps these things are all components of quality. But even so, they should have something in common, or something linking them together.

Quality seems to have something to do with everything fitting together. This may be the common link in many of the aforementioned components of quality.

Ease of use – If something is well designed it will work well, partly because all of its parts will neatly fit together and work well. It should also fit well with its surroundings i.e.:(a blind will neatly fit over a window).

Ease of use also means being designed for a human to easily use. This means being able to use the blind as a reflex action. You shouldn’t have to figure anything out, it is not a puzzle. You just press the switch or pull the cord to open and lose the blind, and let the right amount of light in.

Quality should include looking attractive. This is partly subjective, but even then the subjectivity may be about what we associate with quality. We might think that plastic looks cheap, or that leather looks luxurious. This is some basis for this preference, because plastic was once the cheap and nasty option, and leather was a tried and true material. Today, even plastic can give quite good results.

Fly Screen Sydney

Modern fly screen mesh can be light nylon material, which keep out insects perfectly well. Or it can be metal mesh that is strong enough to prevent people getting inside or falling out windows.
It is not difficult to get good quality screen custom made to fit your windows. Choose permanent of retractable fly screens.

Fly Screens mesh and Blind Online

Have quality blinds and fly screens fitted to your windows. They work effectively and look great.

Fly Screen Mesh Blind online

Do I Need To Check For Structural Walls?

Often we can replace a window cover or add a screen door with minimal trouble. It is not a major renovation. But occasionally we might install a door or window in a wall. We need to be sure this will not cause a structural issue. Some walls directly support the structure of the building. A few other walls are just there to divide or create rooms. These can be modified without causing harm to the rest of the building.

Fly Screen Mesh Window

If we want to add a fly screen mesh frame of any kind to a window there should not be a problem. These screens will not require any serious modification to the windows, or to the structure of the building. external shutters will require some DIy skills, but they will not alter the windows themselves.

Security Doors Fly Screen Mesh

Security doors offer many advantages. They allow air to circulate though the house while keeping the insects and potential intruders out. We recommend them for any home.

One feature that is often overlooked is that security doors do not usually require much modification to the door or frame. We can provide a security door that fits exactly over a front or back door.

Blind Online

Window blinds should not require any serious modification to the window or frame. They can be fitted by most DIY practitioners. Just be sure to order the blind in exactly the right size.

Check for Load Bearing Walls

If we add a window or door to a building we must be careful if it is a load bearing wall. These walls support the roof and upper floors. So we cannot alter them unless we are sure that will continue to provide support.

External walls are almost always load bearing. We do not advise adding a window or door to these, unless you employ a professional builder.

– Any wall that has beam that reach into the foundation/basement will be a load bearing wall.
– Any wall that goes though several floors will be load bearing.
– If the building has a lot of floor space there will be a load bearing wall somewhere in the middle.
– Home Extension to home can be confusing, but the walls where the original building joins the extension will be load bearing.

Curtain walls can modified without affecting the rest of the building. But there is usually reason to add a screen to these.

Fly Screen Mesh

It is a simple matter to add blinds, fly screens and security doors to a home without affecting the basic structure of the building.