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Popular Styles of Window Blinds Online

Window blinds come in various different designs and materials. There are many options for different rooms.

Wood Blinds

These have a natural appeal, for people like the semi-random pattern of woodgrain. And wood insulates out heat and blocks Sunlight perfectly well.

Timber is a renewable resource, and as long as it is not burnt for fuel it actually helps the environment when it is grown.

Timber window blinds can be given a protective coating to protect against water damage. They can also be stained a darker shade if that suits the room decor.

Faux Wood

These have the appearance of natural timber but offer an advantage in being waterproof and mould resistant.

Faux wood comes in various colours, but unlike natural timber, it cannot be altered by staining or painting. You have the colour and design you buy.

Vertical Blinds

A Vertical window blind consists of vertical fabric slats on a glide track. The slats can rotate 180 degrees to alter the light in the room. Or the whole system can be drawn to one side, effectively leaving the window open.

Vertical blinds are popular for large rooms with large (floor to ceiling) windows.

Venetian Blinds

Possibly the most popular type of blind, Venetian blinds have horizontal slats that can be tilted to block or pass light as required. They are quite effective at blocking heat while allowing partial light through.

The strips of material on a Venetian blind are usually 2 inches wide and made of anything from timber to metal to plastic.

These are Venetian-style blinds with thinner slats, usually less than an inch wide. The slats are usually made of aluminum.

Mini Blinds

Mini blinds, or micro blinds which have slats less than half an inch wide, are good for bathrooms and other rooms with small windows.

By having fly screen mesh on windows we can keep insects out when the blinds and windows are open. Blinds are practical and can benefit the home decor. SK Screens and Blinds have a wide range of options available for the blind online for every situation so check it out today!

Fly Screen Sydney Blind online fly screen mesh fly screen doors

Benefits of Fly Screen Mesh

The simple fly screen in Sydney over windows and doors has been a part of Australian homes for generations. They are the most effective way to keep insects and other small pests out. And they do this without affecting circulation or Sunlight. So they remain popular and basically necessary.

Advantages of Fly Screen Mesh

  • Keeping insects out. This is obvious, and the main reason why any household would but screens. We would not want to endure a summer without screens on the home.
  • Additional security. Older screens from a generation ago were nylon, and while this kept insects out it did nothing to deter burglers. In fact, any pet with claws could break these old screens. If we wanted to keep pets and intruders away we had to lock the door and windows shut. But modern screens are wire mesh. A burger needs heavy-duty cutting equipment to get through these windows, and will find it near impossible to get through security fly screen door.
  • Keep children safe. Flyscreen doors can keep young children from leaving the home, while still leaving the house open to the breeze and sunlight. We simply lock the screen door rather than the main door.
  • Privacy Indoors – Black mesh can provide some two-way covering to a window. People inside can see out, but people outside have difficulty the inside.
  • Decor Style – Wrought iron design with screens, wood designs and other options with fly screen mesh can look great on doorways or some window balconies.
  • Save Energy on Home Cooling – Because screens allow air to flow through the home it is possible to keep the home cooler in moderate weather. Though extreme heat will require an airconditioner to cool the home.
  • Natural Light – Screens and windows mean using natural light rather than electrical lighting. This is most noticeable on doors with flyscreens rather than windows.
  • Let air circulate – Clean air is taken for granted, till we suffer poor air. Bu allowing air to circulate in the home we greatly reduce airborne contaminants and greatly reduce mould. This makes for healthier living.

Complete your home with fixed or removable fly screen mesh and with security fly screen doors.

Window blinds Blind online fly Screen mesh Retractable Fly Screens Fly Screen Sydney

What To Do With Windows?

Every Window in the home can be improved. We can add blinds to block out or filter light. We can add fly screens to keep out the insects. Modern fly screen mesh can also keep out potential intruders. Blinds and curtains can also add to the decor if matched to suit the look of the room.

Retractable Fly Screens

Older fly screen mesh designs were fairly permanent, being fixed in place on the window. And the mesh itself was light nylon. This type of thing was actually fine for keeping out the insects, but it didn’t look great and offered no protection against burglars. Luckily modern designs are different.

Modern window screens can be retractable or removable. We can use the fly screen frame when needed in summer and remove them during the rest of the year.

Some modern window mesh, like the mesh on security doors, is made of interconnected metal. Unlike the old nylon frames or thin metal wire, this heavy metal mesh is very solid. It makes matters difficult when potential burglars try to get inside. This type of mesh is not retractable, but it is secure and actually looks fine.

Window Blinds

Blinds look great on windows, inside or out. External blinds (shutters) can offer protection against the elements. Inside window blinds allow easy control over the light and also allow privacy. We might want to block all light, so we can sleep or watch television, or just tone down the brightness to a comfortable level.

Window blinds can allow us to keep air circulating through the open window, while still blocking bright sunlight and offering privacy. This is great for hot summer days.

There are several types of blinds

  • Roller Blinds are simple and retract to a small space above the window.
  • Venetian Blinds consist of horizontal slats that can be tilted or retracted overhead. These have remained popular for generations, being so easy to use.
  • Vertical Blinds have cloth strips from the top to the bottom of the window. These can be angled to block light and provide privacy

Make the home look better, and control the light from outside, with window blinds. Add fly screen mesh to keep out insects.

Fly Screen Sydney Fly Screen Mesh

Keeping Pets of Fly Screen Mesh

Older flyscreens were made of softer, thinner material. This was fine for keeping insects out, but it offered no protection from intruders. And it could also be a problem for some house pets.

Some pets like cats and occasionally dogs would often claw at the insect screen when they wanted to get outside. On older screens this was a persistent problem as the pet’s claws would quickly damage the mesh. Newer security doors won’t be damaged by pets because the modern metal mesh is much stronger. But we still would prefer to keep pets off the screens, if only for their own safety.

Older Fly Screen mesh can get damaged because:

  • The screen on its own is hard to see. It looks like empty space, and it is easy for somebody to try to pass through it. If there is a metal design over the mesh then this problem basically will not occur.
  • Young children and pets do not see the screen as a barrier, or a closed door. It seems like an exit that is blocked, so they try to get through it.
  • Mesh is easy to climb for some pets, and their natural curiosity will lead them to do this.
  • Pets like to sharpen their claws on something. Mesh and furniture are easy targets for pets sharpening claws.
  • Pets will want to get outside, and a screen door across their usual exit will confuse them.

We can prevent damage to screens by:

  • Make the screen more visible by attaching stickers of magnets. A security door that has ornate metalwork over the mesh will not suffer this issue.
  • Use a layer of perspex over the base of the mesh near the ground. The pets will not try to climb this as there is nothing to grip.
  • Make a scratching post for the pets and train them to use it. This is a better alternative for them than the door.
  • If the pet is allowed to go outside, give them a small pet door, just large enough for them, but too small for burglars. Beware, this may allow pests inside.
  • Trim the pet’s claws, to prevent damage.
  • Use a security door with strong mesh. This is unlikely to be damaged. But we should prevent the pets from climbing the screen for safety reasons.

Modern security doors and fly screen mesh keep insects and intruders out. They are strong enough to resist most damage. SK Screens & Blinds offer fly Screen mesh service Sydney-wide, so give us a call at 0430 229 507 today!

Fly Screen Sydney Fly Screen Mesh

Security or Fly Screen Sydney

Security versus Fly Screen Sydney

Fly screen mesh comes in various types. One main distinction is between light insect screens, which are designed to keep small creatures outside, and Heavy mesh screens, which are a security measure to keep intruders outside.

Plain Fly Screen Sydney

These insect screens are made from light mesh, like aluminium, fibreglass, PVC or coated polyester. They can be broken with moderate force (like breaking a window) or easily cut with a knife.

Security Fly Screen Sydney

Security screens are much harder than plain mesh. They are made from stainless steel of sometimes interwoven aluminium. They are permanently attached to a fly screen frame.

Security Screens cannot be home made, not without special welding equipment. They are specially patented and designed according to Australian regulations.

If a security screen is designed to open it must be made like a security door. It will have hinges and a locking system. This makes them very difficult to break through, either from inside or out.

The durability of security fly screen mesh windows is very high. They initially cost more, but they should last for decades. Plain insect screens are simply replaced if damaged. But security screens should never need replacing.

Window Blinds

An alternative to security screen mesh is to use external window blinds. Plantation shutters can be locked shut to keep intruders out. Some designs allow air to circulate while the main shutter doors are closed by using movable horizontal slats.

Fly Screen Sydney

Keep the home insect and intruder free with fly screen mesh. Removable and retractable designs are available.

Window blinds Blind online

Why Try Window Blinds

Window Blinds

Almost everybody has some form of window blinds or curtains in their home. These window coverings just prove so useful. They allow privacy when needed, allow light inside when it is useful, and they even help keep the room temperature more stable.

And they need not compromise the decor. Blinds can be designed to make the room look better, and then fold way out of sight when not needed.

Retractable Window Blinds

Older window blinds took up a lot of space, whether they were used or not. This was fine if we liked the way they looked, and if we had the space to spare. But many people have found that retractable blinds are far less obtrusive. They take up almost no space when not in use, and do not compromise the decor in any significant way.

Many modern blinds retract into a relatively small overhead cartridge at the top of the window. So they are out of sight when we con’t use them. Even Venetian blinds can be manufactured to take up very little space when retracted. This allows a room with a strong sense of light and space during summer months.

Modern Window Blinds

We might need out blinds to completely block out all light, or to allow light in while retaining privacy. Some blinds allow both options.
Screen fabric, light filtering blinds will allow plenty of warm sunshine in while still keeping prying eyes outside. This is like having soft curtain over the windows, with the advantage of being able to completely retract them when needed. These blinds allow you to save on electricity costs by using natural outside light.

Blockout blinds provide complete light blocking for a room. This is ideal for privacy, or for using a home theatre. If we want a dark room then blockout blinds are the best option.

Venetian blinds are an old idea, but they prove so versatile that many homes still use then. They provide complete light blocking and privacy when closed, and allow privacy with moderate light when tilted upwards. This is the best of both worlds.

Older blinds were sometime harder to retract. New blinds can have a simple but effective chain control, a rod control, or even an electric motor to retract them. No more stuck blinds. Open and close at your discretion.

Window Blinds

Blinds are are practical and complement the decor. Call us to find the right Window Blinds for your home.

Fly Screen Doors Window Blinds Blind online

A Few More Features for the Door?

Fly Screen Doors

A fly screen door will keep out insects while allowing the air to circulate through the home. A modern security door will do this too, but also keep out intruders when it is locked shut. But we may wish to add a few other features to the door.

Door Sweep

This is the guard along the base of the door, usually made of rubber or fibre bristles. It covers the gap between the bottom of the door and the floors.

The door sweep will stop smaller and larger pest from getting in the home, things like snakes, lizards or spiders. It will also get rid of drafts, and prevent water from getting under the door.

Pneumatic Closer.

This prevents the door from slamming. It is a cylinder about 30 cm long, rather like a tire pump, that uses compressed air to slow down the speed at which the door shuts.

A pneumatic door closer is usually easy to fit, requiring only minimal space. It is an easy DIY project for a wooden door.

Window Blinds

Some door have glass than can be covered with a small curtain or blind. This works best on solid doors with a glass panel, or on doors that are glass with a supporting frame. But it can also work on fly screen mesh doors.

Custom blinds can be fitted to any door. Anything from roller blinds to Venetian blinds is possible.

Screen or Blind Online

Screens and blinds on windows and fly screen doors look great and allow you to adjust the light to suit the situation.

Fly Screen Sydney Fly Screen Doors

What to look for in Fly Screen Doors

Security Door Fly Screen Sydney

Older fly screen doors consisted of a flimsy frame that simply supported the fly screen mesh. This successfully kept the insects out, as long as the door wasn’t damaged. But it did nothing else. Modern fly screen doors are different.

Today’s security doors offer heavy-duty fly screens to keep insects out, and a solid lockable frame to keep the home secure. This means we can keep the air circulating while having the home safely locked up. The security screen door is at least as secure as a solid door.

Of course this only really works if we have a good quality door. So what makes a good quality fly screen door?

Quality Fly Screen Doors

Mesh – New mesh is rigid metal, not light plastic or fine wire. Look for rigid mesh that meets the Australian AS5039-2008 standard.

Frame Material – The frame can be steel or aluminium. Steel is stronger, as long as it is reasonably thick. Aluminium is far less likely to corrode, unless you live at the beach. Stainless steel has both advantages, though it costs a little more.

Frame Construction – The corners of the door should be welded, not joined with bolts, screws or stakes. Welded joints are much harder to break.

Frame Grille Joint – The mesh should be deeply set into the frame, so there is no possibility of it being pushed out. This is termed the deep receiver channel.

Infill – This is the metal within the frame of the door, across the mesh. It should be either cast as part of the main frame, or at least welded into place. So not buy any door that has the infill riveted into place.

Edges – The door should not have an edge that allows a crowbar to be inserted. The edges of the door should be razor tight.

Locks – This should have three points of contact, top middle and base. This makes the door much harder to pry open.

Hinges – There should be at least three hinges that are welded to the door frame. Or a long hinge that runs the length of the door.

Security Door Fly Screen Sydney

A modern fly screen door offers excellent protection for the home. It protects against intruders and insects.

Window Blinds online

How to Choose The Right Window Blinds?

Window Blinds

Choosing Window Blinds

Window and Door type

Every home is different, and often there are different windows and doors in different rooms. So the blinds will need to chosen to suit these different designs.

Do you have sliding doors? Then use blinds that can be moved to the side.

Do you have double hung windows? Then use blinds that can be retracted to the top of the window frame. This might be roller blinds or Venetian blinds.

Window Functionality

Do you want to let the light in and have privacy? Consider a honeycomb blinds. Or a Venetian blind with the slats tilted slightly upward. You might try frosted windows or a light curtain behind the blinds, so there is privacy and outside light even when the blind is opened.

Room Functionality

A bathroom required privacy, and will inevitably be exposed to a lot of moisture. So use blinds that are waterproof, like PVC or aluminium.

A home theatre? Use blinds that can completely block the light.

Room Style

The first consideration of decor is how all the elements of the room fit together. Do the blinds need to be the same colour as the room furnishings, or a complementary colour? Try light blinds in a dark room, or white blinds that seem to suit almost any decor.


Always a consideration, because we all have a limited budget. But by ordering blinds online we make a considerable saving. If you have the right measurements then we can find the right blind.

Blind Online

Blinds are functional and look great. Find the blinds that enhance the look of your home and order online.

Window Blinds Fly Screens

Can We Use Blinds In a Caravan?

Window Blinds

We all have curtains or blinds in the home, and realise that we would be inconvenienced without them. We can add the same convenience to our caravans or campers.

Of course the situation is a little different in a moving vehicle. We can’t use blinds that will move too much; we must allow for the travel conditions. Curtains are easy to use in a caravan or camper, because they are lightweight and will not cause damage if they move. But blinds must be kept secure for travel.

Roller Blinds

These roller blinds can work well in a caravan. They will need to be rolled up before the vehicle is moving, but otherwise there should be no problem. It is possible to add hold down brackets at the base of the window to keep the blinds shut for transport. But often the owners find it easier to just retract the blinds.

Roller blinds require about 4 cm or depth to be installed inside a window.

Venetian Blinds

These are the blinds that use horizontal slats to cover the windows, the slats being tillable to alter the amount of light that comes inside, providing privacy when they are closes, or when tilted upwards.

Venetian blinds can be used in a caravan as long as they are secured at both the top and bottom. They cannot be left loose, or they will rattle around when the vehicle moves, perhaps causing damage.

UV Screens
It can be useful to add UV screen to caravan windows. These are the same screens used for many cars. They block the light that causes sunburn and that heat up the vehicle’s interior, so they keep the living space cooler, and prevent damage to the furnishings.

Fly Screen Mesh

Almost every caravan has fly screens. These are lightweight and very effective for keeping insects out of the living space. Consider replacing these screens with heavier mesh to add some security protection for the vehicle.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are attractive and functional for home and caravans. Have privacy and control the light with simple to use blinds.

fly screen sydney retractable fly screens fly screen doors

Do We need to Repair Fly Screens?

Fly Screen Sydney

Older styles of fly screen were made of soft, flexible material. They were quite effective at keeping out insects and even rodent, unless they were damaged. And unfortunately it was all too easy to damage these old type of fly screen.

The older fly screens on windows could be patched up; a new piece of screen could be sown into place. Alternately, the whole screen, which was help in place with rubber tubing in a groove, could be replaced. This was not too difficult, with replacement screen costing perhaps $20.

But older screens have largely been superseded by wire fly screens. These are much sturdier than old nylon screens. Modern screens are made of ticker metal, and are designed to keep people outside (or inside). They will stop potential intruders breaking in, or toddlers from falling through a window.

New fly screens rarely suffer damage, unless it is deliberate sabotage. If they are damaged then they should probably be replaced.

Retractable Fly Screens

Retractable screens cannot be made of heavy mesh. The ability to retract depends on the screen being able to bend, and thick metal will not do this.

We do not recommend trying to repair retractable mesh. Any repair will tend to stop the screen from properly retracting. It is best to replace the mechanism.

Fly Screen Doors

Old fly screen doors had light mesh that could be replaced if damaged. But these doors tended to be light in construction, not like the security doors that are presently favoured.

New security doors have heavy mesh that rarely suffers damage. While these doors are more expensive, they last for decades, and keep insects and intruders out very effectively.

Fly Screen Sydney

Modern fly screens and security doors last for years and rarely suffer any damage, so they very rarely require repair.

window blinds fly screens

How Do I Improve A Room?

Any room in the home can be improved with some creative imagination and a little effort. The room doesn’t have to have anything fancy, just the right combination of element to look neat, and to by functional. This can just mean the right wall colours, a little trim and some coverings for the windows.

Fly Screen Frame

Fly screens are very practical for keeping out insects. Many years ago they used to be an eyesore, but modern fly screens are more discrete, and some can be removed or retracted when not in use.

If we use curtains of blinds over the window the fly screens are hidden, even as they still work to keep the insects out.

Window Blinds

Window blinds can be attractive as well as practical. In a practical sense they block the light when closed, and allow privacy. In a decorative sense that can suit the colour of the room and improve the decor.

There are many types of Blind. Venetian blinds are horizontal slats that can be tilted for different effects, even letting light in while providing privacy for those inside. Retractable roller blinds simply open and close, so letting light in means being able to see in as well. Yet they are popular, if only because they are available in different colours, and can be decorated with different printed scenes.


Curtains are simple and effective. A translucent curtain lets most of the natural light in allowing privacy. These can combine well with roller blinds, which allow us to block all the light when needed.

Curtains are the easier window covering to cut to size, and easy to modify, usually by just taking up the hem.


The most straightforward way to alter the look of a room is by repainting. As long as the walls have no serious damage we can alter the look of a room with a new colour. The only trick is choosing the right colour for the particular room. Make sure the paint colour works will with floor and the window coverings.


We can use adhesive tiles to add some trim to a room. This is mostly used in kitchens, but it can work in other situations as well.

Adhesive tiles are far easier to install than traditional tiles. There is no grout or cement, the tiles just stick straight to any flat, clean surface.


Even lighting brings out the best in a room. Natural light from the window or skylight is best, and free! But we might also add some electric lights in natural or candlelight colours.

Window Blinds

Redecorate the room with window blinds or curtains, and complement this with repainting and some basic furnishings.