Fixed or Retractable Screens

Door and windows let natural light and air inside your home. Fly screen doors, window fly screen mesh and window blinds allow this natural light and air in while keeping insects and potential intruders out. They also allow some privacy for the people inside.

Fixed or Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Because of the privacy and protection they offer screens are a popular addition to many homes. Yet because there are many styles of flyscreen there is a matter of finding what is best for your home. When deciding, it is always best to have in informed choice.

Fixed Fly Screen Mesh

Fixed screens are directly attached to your door or window, designed to stay there permanently. They can be made from a variety of fine mesh materials, and affixed with screws, rivets or with a welded frame. Some can be removed with basic DIY skill, but they are basically permanent fixtures.

This type of fixed fly screen is a deterrent to potential intruders as the screen cannot be easily removed. Blinds and window guards provide more protection from intruders.

Retractable Fly Screen Sydney

Retractable fly screens are not fixed in place. Instead, they are designed to either roll up for easy storage or retract into an overhead cassette. This is an advantage in some Australian homes as the flyscreens are only needed for a few months of the year.

Doors will use permanent flyscreens. A popular option here is usually to combine them with a security door that provided excellent protection for you front entrance.

Alternately, doors can use bi-fold screens. This is more popular with balconies and back garden entrances than the front door. And they are often favoured because of the large open entrance space they provide.

If you already have a large open entrance in your home then you can have retractable fly screens made for use during the insect season.

Flyscreens and Blind Online

Fly screen mesh and blinds are worth investments for your home.

Dual Roller Blinds

Window Blinds – Dual

A rather innovative idea, dual roller blinds have proved popular with the variable weather in Australia. They proves quite versatile.

A dual window blind combines two separate roller blinds on the same mounting bracket. Several different combinations of separate blinds are possible, but the most popular (and versatile) combination uses two contrasting materials. One blind material is translucent, allowing outside light in but allowing privacy. The other blind material completely blocks out light, creating total darkness inside the room.

The blind material that block all light is useful. The option for total darkness in a room is ideal if there is a home theatre, or if someone wants to sleep during the daylight hours. Total block out is also useful at night time if you want privacy inside. Alternately, the translucent shades allow us to save electrical power and use natural light, while still allowing privacy. Translucent shades with fly screen mesh windows are a great combination in summer.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Removable and retractable fly screens can be utilized during summer, and then packed away during winter.

Winter months benefit from the use of translucent blinds and closed windows. The natural light from outside is still useable, but the closed windows keeps the heat inside. This situation is improved if the windows are double glazed.

The total block out blind, in addition to blocking light and allowing privacy inside, will also provide some insulation, helping keep the inside rooms warm.

Order a Blind Online

There is always a blind option to suit any décor, and to provide the functionality that your home needs. Browse the blinds online and find the style that suit you. Most blinds can be made to order, so they will be the right size for your windows.

Cleaning for Fly Screens

Of course it is better to live in a neat and clean home environment. In order to keep things clean we must look after the flyscreens and security doors.

Screens can accumulate a lot of dirt, because of the tiny holes that are part of the mesh design. This will not affect their function too much, but it can look untidy.

It doesn’t take too much effort to keep the screens clean.

  1. If the flyscreens can be removed from the window or door this makes cleaning easier. You can lay them down on an old sheet and vacuum them. This gets rid of all the loose dirt. Use a light suction setting to avoid pulling on the flyscreen mesh.
  2. After vacuuming, give the screens a wash with a microfiber cloth and some cleaning fluid. Diluted detergent is usually fine for this purpose. Do not put too much pressure on the screen mesh.
  3. Before the detergent has dried give the screens a wash with a hose.
  4. Roughly dry the mesh with an old towel or other cloth, and then let them air dry.
  5. Reinstall the screen mesh in the window.

If screens cannot be removed from the window or doorframe they can still be vacuumed, hand-washed with detergent, and then washed down with the glass windows/doors closed. The only issue is making sure that the water does not get into the house.

Regular cleaning makes the cleaning process easier.

Child Safety -Fly Screen Doors and Window Blinds

Most homes have young children running around for at least a few years of their existence. As everybody wants children to grow up without serious injury it help to install safety features like reliable window blinds and security fly screen doors.

Internal Window Blinds

Blinds can be a safety issue for children. The cords once used for retracting older style window blinds were a choking hazard for youngsters. New designs either use a wand or electronic remote for retracting, or the cord is designed to break under the weight of the child.

External Window Blinds

External blinds should be designed to prevent children from climbing in or out of windows.

Fly Screen Mesh

Installing fly screen frames and mesh will help prevent children falling out of windows. This is a rare but potentially serious accident. 

Older style wire and material mesh was designed to keep insects out, and was only partially effective for deterring children; it lacked the strength to support a child’s weight so a child might force is way through the mesh screen. Modern fly screen mesh is far stronger and will prevent children from falling through the window.

Security Fly Screen Doors.

Though designed to keep intruders and potential thieves at bay a security door will also prevent a child from wandering outside.


Using safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases will prevent children from using the stairs and risking an accident.

Keep stairs clear of any toys and clutter. This prevents adults from tripping, especially important when they are carrying children.

A nightlight for improved visibility in the dark is a good idea. Small light under the railings (fairy lights) are also very effective.

Blind Online

If you measure your windows you can find suitable window blinds online to suit and even enhance any décor.


Doors and Windows in Winter

The cooler winter months are approaching. It helps to have a few tricks and good habits for keeping the house warm in winter. The right approach for keeping the house warm will minimize power bills without compromising our comfort, or damage the environment.

  • Seal the doors, especially around the edges. We encourage circulation for hotter weather, but it is preferable to keep the warm air inside during the winter by keeping all potential openings sealed. A roll of cloth along the base of the door or a stuffed novelty draft excluder can be a considerable help.
  • Thick curtains on windows will both absorb some warmth from the Sun and provide insulation from the inevitably cold glass windows.
  • Window blinds can work in the way that curtains do, providing insulation from the cold glass windows and absorbing a little bit of heat from the Sun.
  • Close up rooms that are not use and do now waste energy heating them.
  • Have insulation put in the room. This makes the heating system much more efficient because the rising hot air is not lost through the roof. Colder months are idea for adding insulation.
  • Small heaters in a room will cost far less to run than a central heating system.
  • Operate heaters in open areas away from furniture.
  • Keep the family in the main dining or lounge room whenever possible, and just heat these rooms.
  • Warm clothes indoors make all the difference. Use heaters to keep the air at a comfortable breathing temperature, but no higher.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Insects are rarely a problem in Sydney during the cooler months. Fly screens mesh on windows can be retracted for the season, and brought out for next summer.

Blinds online

If you don’t already have blinds then consider the online options. If you have accurate measurements of the window you can order blinds online. These will add to the insulation that a house needs in winter.

Deter Insects

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Using fly screen mesh on your windows is a reliable way to keep all insects and spiders out. This provides a physical barrier against their entry, something far superior to chemical sprays. Unlike some chemical sprays a fly screen frame and mesh will never harm the environment.

Because Sydney weather varies throughout the year, and because insects vary with the season, there is no need to have flyscreens all year round. Retractable flyscreens can be used in summer, and stored away above the window when not in use. Windows operate without being affected by the retractable fly screen.

Insects can also be deterred with some plants and natural substances. Peppermint and vinegar seems to repel at least come spiders. Eucalyptus oil seems to repel some flying insects. Basil plants will deter some insects, as will lemongrass Try growing these plants near your window.

Fly Screen Doors

Security Doors will effectively protect from both house thieves intruders and from insect intruders. The great advantage of these fly screen mesh devices is experienced during summer months – the door allows the air to circulate while still keeping insects outside. When locks they also keep homes safe from break-and-enter problems.

Window Blinds

Some houses install both an insect screen frame and blinds on each window. These can be used independently without interfering with each other. Window blinds are great for allowing the right amount of light or privacy. Flyscreens are there to prevent insect problems.

Style and Security with Fly Screen Doors

With modern fly screen frame and fly screen mesh you house can look stylish without looking like a maximum security detention centre. Anybody who believes that the best security means looking like a fortress is out of touch with moderns design fashions and materials. There are great options for fly screens, and security fly screen doors that add rather than detract from your home décor.

The huge range of modern screen doors will deter criminals, keep insects outside, and either blend with or add to the décor of your home. There will be no intrusive bars or any unsightly mesh screens.

Secure your home with stylish security doors and prevent insect issues with retractable fly screen windows fittings.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Australia weather varies by season, as does the insect problem. This means that Insect screens are not needed all year round. Retractable fly screens allow you to remove the screen with a simple action. Screens rollup into an overhead cartridge; it’s as simple as opening a window. Alternately, fly screens can be magnetic, and be attached to your metal window frames only when needed.

Window Blinds

Window blinds allow you privacy, and can also block out bright summer light. Because they are independent of the windows they can also provide these functions while letting the outside air circulate.

Window security is an issue. Windows are often the most vulnerable points of entry, and criminals know this. Protect your windows with security shutters.

Screens and Blinds Online

Look at our website for the range of fly screen doors, window blinds and other insect and security fittings for your home. Measure you windows; most fittings can be tailored to suit your home.

Fly Screen Sydney

Aluminium is often used for fry screen mesh, security doors, fly screen doors, window frames, fly screen frames and other components of retractable fly screens. Its light weight and resistance to corrosion make it very suitable for the moving parts of doors, windows and screens.

Aluminium’s resistance to corrosion (rust) comes from the layer of oxide that develops when it comes in contact with the air. This surface oxide prevents the metal from being exposed to the moisture that causes rust.

Unfortunatly, the corrosion resistance of aluminium comes at a price. It is very difficult to paint because most conventional paints will not bond to this metal’s oxide surface. For many years all aluminium products were left in a natural metal colour because there was little alternative.

Anodizing Aluminium

Anodising will thicken the outer layer of oxide on the aluminium, creating a porous surface. This surface can be dyed virtually any colour, though the result will always have a pleasant metallic finish.

Anodized aluminium also has increased resistance to corrosion from the thickened protective layer, though this layer may need sealing to prevent moisture penetrating the porous surface. Anodised aluminium is more scratch resistant than bare aluminium, though small pieces of anodized aluminium can be brittle.

Paint Aluminium

Since the advent of aluminium for aviation there have been some methods of getting acceptable paintwork on aluminium. This is mostly due to the development of aluminium primer undercoat that chemically bonds to the metal. This largely prevent problems with paint cracking or peeling by etching into the metal’s surface.

Painted aluminium is used for some purposes, but it has never been too popular. Other metals can also be painted order to make them rustproof, so there is no point in using aluminium if the other (painted) metal has similar corrosion resistance.

Powder Coated Aluminium

This has aluminium thickly coated with a powder that is applied with electrostatic means and bonded with heat. This powder coat is very hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

Powered coating can be produce in many colours, including many bright and striking colours. Powder coated aluminium doors offer many décor options.

Fly Screen Sydney

Security doors area good options for any home. They keep out both thieves and insects while letting in light and fresh air.

There is a security door for any décor.

New Screens for Old

Window Blinds

Blinds and fly screens still fulfil their function of keeping out light or insects. But the various new designs are now more practical and there are more ways to complement the home décor than ever before.

  • Blinds and screens can retract into a small overhead enclosure.
  • An adjustable accelerometer can control the retraction speed of the blind or screen.
  • Fiberglass screens resists breaking while still being retractable.
  • Channel guides on either side of a retractable screen ensure smooth operation, and prevent gaps between the screen and windowsill.
  • Light filter blinds allow privacy while still allowing natural light in.
  • Dual blinds have two controllable layers. Enjoy sunlight with privacy, or block out the light when you watch a film or need to sleep.
  • Fly Screens can roll up into an overhead compartment or fold up in a pleated fashion.
  • Blinds are child safe with wands or electronic controls.
  • New blinds are very unlikely to develop holes
  • New designs retract into a very small space.
  • Modern blinds are maintenance free.

Blind Online

With the internet and modern manufacturing techniques we have more options for decorating and securing our homes than ever. There are countless styles of window blinds and screens available to browse online, and often the correct fitting only requires the window measurements.


Security and Fly Screen Doors

Fly Screen Doors

Fly screens are great for allowing light and cool air into the house while keeping out insects. Security doors have the added bonus of keeping out potential burglars and other intruders.

Fly screen Frame

The frame for many security door is either aluminium or steel. Both of these are quite secure; any thief will need to go to a lot of trouble to cut through metal frames like these. Aluminium is obviously more resistive to corrosion and rust, but under any reasonable conditions the steel security door will not be prone to rusting, and probably last several decades. Salty ocean air is the only possible problem here, yet a galvanized or powdered coated security door will not corrode in sea air.

Fly Screen Mesh

The mesh or grill on security doors is often metal. It is possible to have light plastic mesh on a door and rely on the frame for security, but light plastic will not last more than a few years. As the security door is designed to last for several decades so it is fitting to have mesh that also lasts this long.

Stainless steel mesh is the best option for security doors, though aluminium mesh is also a viable option.

Fly Screen Door Locks and Hinges

A door is only as good as its lock and fittings. Good security doors have locks that fit at three points, middle top and base, so the door cannot be bent out of shape.

Hinges on a security door are recessed so that they cannot ever be accessed by potential outside intruders. The best options are either doors with three hinges or a long hinge that runs the length of the door.

Fly Screen Sydney

A good quality security door belongs on every home. Be safe from intruders, but let the breeze in. Else, close the solid door and keep warm in winter. Enjoy the weather and solid security


Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Insects are a problem during some parts of the year, usually the summer months. It makes a lot of sense to use flyscreens during these months to keep insects out of the house.

Yet we might want to put the screens away during the months when insects are not a problem. Older style windows did not allow this. But modern screens give us several options.

A Retractable insect screen is possible because of the flexible Fly screen mesh. This allows screens to be rolled up and stored, sometimes at the window, sometimes stored elsewhere. Older style screens were either inflexible and permanently attached to the window, or were a flexible style that requited a solid frame to retain their shape. Retractable screens are more convenient than these older options.

At SK Screens we believe the best retractable fly screen option is the 4-sided Button roll insect screen. This conveniently rolls into an overhead bar above the window.

Fly Screens mesh can also be fitted to the windows magnetically, or with Velcro. But we believe the 4-sided or 3-sided retractable screens are superior.

Fly Screen Sydney

Consider fly screen frames for you home during summer, so you can enjoy the weather and the breeze without the insects.

Retractable Fly Screens Sydney

Fly Screen Doors

Australian weather varies considerably. This is partly because the climate varies over such a large country, partly just the fact that our seasons will vary between hot and cold. Australian houses are designed to deal with this weather variation.

Fly screen Doors are great for summer weather. The screen door will allow air to circulate through the home while keeping insects outside where they belong. The good air circulation, at least during the day, can save money on cooling. Keeping insects outside means there is no need for chemical sprays in the home.

Good quality screen doors will also provide protection from intruders. These security doors are made from quality steel, and provide as much protection as a solid door. Security screen doors fitted with a fly screen, as virtually all are, will also keep insects out while allowing air to circulate.

 Fly Screen Sydney
Talks to us about fly screen doors and security doors. Quality screen doors last for decades, providing security, insect protection and air circulation for a house. And there is always a style of door to suit your particular home.