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Can We Use Blinds In a Caravan?

Window Blinds

We all have curtains or blinds in the home, and realise that we would be inconvenienced without them. We can add the same convenience to our caravans or campers.

Of course the situation is a little different in a moving vehicle. We can’t use blinds that will move too much; we must allow for the travel conditions. Curtains are easy to use in a caravan or camper, because they are lightweight and will not cause damage if they move. But blinds must be kept secure for travel.

Roller Blinds

These roller blinds can work well in a caravan. They will need to be rolled up before the vehicle is moving, but otherwise there should be no problem. It is possible to add hold down brackets at the base of the window to keep the blinds shut for transport. But often the owners find it easier to just retract the blinds.

Roller blinds require about 4 cm or depth to be installed inside a window.

Venetian Blinds

These are the blinds that use horizontal slats to cover the windows, the slats being tillable to alter the amount of light that comes inside, providing privacy when they are closes, or when tilted upwards.

Venetian blinds can be used in a caravan as long as they are secured at both the top and bottom. They cannot be left loose, or they will rattle around when the vehicle moves, perhaps causing damage.

UV Screens
It can be useful to add UV screen to caravan windows. These are the same screens used for many cars. They block the light that causes sunburn and that heat up the vehicle’s interior, so they keep the living space cooler, and prevent damage to the furnishings.

Fly Screen Mesh

Almost every caravan has fly screens. These are lightweight and very effective for keeping insects out of the living space. Consider replacing these screens with heavier mesh to add some security protection for the vehicle.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are attractive and functional for home and caravans. Have privacy and control the light with simple to use blinds.

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