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Fully Cassetted Window Blinds

The first designs for roller blinds were simple and effective. The blind was a screen that could either cover the window or be retracted onto a spring loader roller at the window’s top ledge. Else, it could be used to partly cover the window. This proved so popular that this basic still endures today, two generations later.
As the blind material was fabric it could be coloured or decorated in almost any fashion. So blinds could be easily tailored to suit almost any room décor.
The blind’s long-term operation relied on a good spring mechanism. So quality was important for long-term use.

Older style roller blinds retracted to a roller drum at the top of the window. They hung loosely from this one point of attachment. This means they could be move in the breeze and let light in around the sides, so there was never total darkness with these blinds. Yet this is usually not an issue.

Cassetted roller blinds are a more advanced design. The roller mechanism is contained in a metal box that prevents any damage, and the sides of the blind run through guide channels on the side of the window. This makes for a fully encloses mechanism.

These fully cassetted window blinds can block out all the outside light. This is useful for entertainment rooms, home cinemas with screens and televisions, or photographic studios. Sometimes people prefer complete darkness if they have to sleep after shift work.

Cassetted Roller Blinds are as effective as window shutters, blocking all the outside light, but they are more convenient and take up less room.

blinds online

blinds online

Blinds Online

Blinds can be custom-made to suit any window and tailored to suit almost any décor. Enquire and order online to have the best blinds for your home.

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