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Every room in the house is a little different, with the windows and doors in a different places. Sometimes there can be a problem, perhaps there is not enough light coming in, or there is a lack of privacy. More often we just need to find the right blind for that particular window in that particular room in order to make the situation work. If we identify any problems it is usually not too difficult to find a blind that is appropriate.

Types of Window Blinds and Considerations

Privacy Blinds – Nobody really likes the neighbours looking into our room. The neighbours probably don’t want to see in either. But this problem is not difficult to solve. Any set of blinds will provide privacy.

Perhaps we want privacy but still use natural light. There are a few options here. We might try translucent blinds, which let almost all the sunlight inside while preventing anybody from seeing in. Translucent blinds only reveal a vague shadow.

Vision Window Blinds also provide privacy while giving you the option for more sunlight. These consist of alternating layers of material, opaque and translucent. They can be adjusted to block all or part of the light. And they have the added advantage of reducing glare even when letting sunlight through.

Double Roller Window Blinds – Sometimes we want the option to alternate between privacy with external sunlight, and completely blocking all the sunlight. Double blinds have two layers. The layer next to the window is translucent, like a vision blind. It lets light in while providing privacy. The second blind layer blocks all the light.

We might want to block all the external light in order to watch TV, or if we need to sleep during the day. Double blinds conveniently give us the option.

Venetian Window Blinds – A classic yet versatile option, these have a series of horizontal slats that can be tilted to provide partial light, or retracted entirely for a fully open window. It is a simple matter to tilt the slats upward to provide reasonable light while still keeping the room private.

Window Blinds

Blinds are versatile, functional, and complement the decor. Find the right blind for each room of the house. Order a blind online.

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