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Benefits of Fly Screen Mesh

The simple fly screen in Sydney over windows and doors has been a part of Australian homes for generations. They are the most effective way to keep insects and other small pests out. And they do this without affecting circulation or Sunlight. So they remain popular and basically necessary.

Advantages of Fly Screen Mesh

  • Keeping insects out. This is obvious, and the main reason why any household would but screens. We would not want to endure a summer without screens on the home.
  • Additional security. Older screens from a generation ago were nylon, and while this kept insects out it did nothing to deter burglers. In fact, any pet with claws could break these old screens. If we wanted to keep pets and intruders away we had to lock the door and windows shut. But modern screens are wire mesh. A burger needs heavy-duty cutting equipment to get through these windows, and will find it near impossible to get through security fly screen door.
  • Keep children safe. Flyscreen doors can keep young children from leaving the home, while still leaving the house open to the breeze and sunlight. We simply lock the screen door rather than the main door.
  • Privacy Indoors – Black mesh can provide some two-way covering to a window. People inside can see out, but people outside have difficulty the inside.
  • Decor Style – Wrought iron design with screens, wood designs and other options with fly screen mesh can look great on doorways or some window balconies.
  • Save Energy on Home Cooling – Because screens allow air to flow through the home it is possible to keep the home cooler in moderate weather. Though extreme heat will require an airconditioner to cool the home.
  • Natural Light – Screens and windows mean using natural light rather than electrical lighting. This is most noticeable on doors with flyscreens rather than windows.
  • Let air circulate – Clean air is taken for granted, till we suffer poor air. Bu allowing air to circulate in the home we greatly reduce airborne contaminants and greatly reduce mould. This makes for healthier living.

Complete your home with fixed or removable fly screen mesh and with security fly screen doors.

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