Aluminium Fly Screens Sydney

Aluminium is often used for fry screen mesh, security doors, fly screen doors, window frames, fly screen frames and other components of retractable fly screens. Its light weight and resistance to corrosion make it very suitable for the moving parts of doors, windows and screens.

Aluminium’s resistance to corrosion (rust) comes from the layer of oxide that develops when it comes in contact with the air. This surface oxide prevents the metal from being exposed to the moisture that causes rust.

Unfortunately, the corrosion resistance of aluminium comes at a price. It is very difficult to paint because most conventional paints will not bond to this metal’s oxide surface. For many years all aluminium products were left in a natural metal colour because there was little alternative.

Anodizing Aluminium

Anodising will thicken the outer layer of oxide on the aluminium, creating a porous surface. This surface can be dyed virtually any colour, though the result will always have a pleasant metallic finish.

Anodized aluminium also has increased resistance to corrosion from the thickened protective layer, though this layer may need sealing to prevent moisture penetrating the porous surface. Anodised aluminium is more scratch resistant than bare aluminium, though small pieces of anodized aluminium can be brittle.

Paint Aluminium

Since the advent of aluminium for aviation there have been some methods of getting acceptable paintwork on aluminium. This is mostly due to the development of aluminium primer undercoat that chemically bonds to the metal. This largely prevents problems with paint cracking or peeling by etching into the metal’s surface.

Painted aluminium is used for some purposes, but it has never been too popular. Other metals can also be painted order to make them rustproof, so there is no point in using aluminium if the other (painted) metal has similar corrosion resistance.

Powder Coated Aluminium

This has aluminium thickly coated with a powder that is applied with electrostatic means and bonded with heat. This powder coat is a very hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

The powered coating can be produced in many colours, including many bright and striking colours. Powder-coated aluminium doors offer many décor options.

Fly Screen Sydney

Security doors are good options for any home. They keep out both thieves and insects while letting in light and fresh air.

There is a security door for any décor.

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