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Advantages of Fly Screen Security Doors

Fly Screen security doors Advantages

  • Security – Probably the whole reason for purchasing a security door. The door is your first line of defence against intruders. Anybody intending to break into the house will try the door first, followed by the window. A metal security door is as strong as any front door can be, being considerably better than a standard wooden door.

Security doors are designed so that the hinges and joints cannot be accessed while the door is closed. There is no way to remove the door, and no easy way to cut through it, not without creating a lot of attention.

Security doors lock at several points, which is another way they remain unmovable.

  • Privacy – the heavy mesh on a security door acts like a two way mirror. It is easy to get a reasonable view outside, but outsiders find it difficult to see inside unless they are very close.
  • Remove insects. This is the original point of flyscreen doors, and security doors have not neglected this original fundamental purpose. Even the smallest flying insects will not get through steel mesh. And if the door has a rubber flap across the base then even ants cannot get through.
  • Natural light. By keeping the security door in place you can let natural daylight in, saving money on internal light which uses electrical power.
  • Allow the breeze through home. On a moderate day the breeze can keep the home cool. On a very hot day the door is closed so the air conditioner can be used.
  • Style. With the range of available security doors there will be one to suit your home.

Security fly screen frame Door

Have peace of mind with a fly screen security door on your home. Back doors and other entrances will also benefit from a security door.


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