Additions for Windows

We can add many things to windows for style and functionality. And we can also add windows to many situations for the same purpose.

A few popular additions are:

  • Window tints – These remove the ultra violet light that causes sunburn and damage to household goods. They can also provide some insulation against heat.
  • Locks – for security.
  • Exterior shutters – for keeping out the weather, from harsh midday sun to heavy rain or snow. Excellent for blocking the wind. Some shutters have horizontal slats for letting some natural light in.
  • Internal blinds – for letting light in when it is needed, and providing privacy when you desire it. There are many options for electronic to cord adjusted.
  • Windows above doors. These let light in while not compromising privacy.
  • Windows above glass doors can give an arched look to an entrance.
  • Fretwork panels allow some light into the house and have an elegant decorative look.
  • Curtains are and simple and classic addition to windows. You can have privacy with heavy curtains, on privacy and soft light with light curtains.
  • Flyscreens – for keeping insects outside, and providing solid security.

Retractable Fly screens Sydney

These can be used during the summer months and retracted for the rest of the year when they are no longer needed.

Solid mesh fly Screen Frame Sydney

Strong metal mesh provided solid security for windows. Intruders cannot break in, and children or aged senior citizens cannot fall though fly screen mesh windows.

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