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A Few More Features for the Door?

Fly Screen Doors

A fly screen door will keep out insects while allowing the air to circulate through the home. A modern security door will do this too, but also keep out intruders when it is locked shut. But we may wish to add a few other features to the door.

Door Sweep

This is the guard along the base of the door, usually made of rubber or fibre bristles. It covers the gap between the bottom of the door and the floors.

The door sweep will stop smaller and larger pest from getting in the home, things like snakes, lizards or spiders. It will also get rid of drafts, and prevent water from getting under the door.

Pneumatic Closer.

This prevents the door from slamming. It is a cylinder about 30 cm long, rather like a tire pump, that uses compressed air to slow down the speed at which the door shuts.

A pneumatic door closer is usually easy to fit, requiring only minimal space. It is an easy DIY project for a wooden door.

Window Blinds

Some door have glass than can be covered with a small curtain or blind. This works best on solid doors with a glass panel, or on doors that are glass with a supporting frame. But it can also work on fly screen mesh doors.

Custom blinds can be fitted to any door. Anything from roller blinds to Venetian blinds is possible.

Screen or Blind Online

Screens and blinds on windows and fly screen doors look great and allow you to adjust the light to suit the situation.

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